Garage Door Hinge Repair

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Today’s sectional garage doors consist of 4-5 sections that extend the width of the garage door opening.

These sections, or panels, are connected together with hinges. A special type of hinge called a hinge bracket is located on the outside of the door. Each hinge bracket has a mount for a roller that rides the guide track as the door moves up and down.

Inspect Your Hinges – Before They Fail

Garage door hinges rarely fail. But when they do, the damage can be catastrophic in nature. The rollers can fall out of alignment and jam your door completely. In some cases, this will severely damage your door panels, deform your guide tracks or even require replacement of your door unit.

So, inspect your hinges from time to time (twice a year). If you see a hinge coming loose or starting to crack, then by all means replace it right away.

Here’s how to replace your garage door hinge if it fails (really easy).

How To Replace A Garage Door Hinge

As you can see in this short video it only takes $10 and 10 minutes to replace your own broken hinge.


  • replacement hinge – about $10 from Home Depot or Lowes
  • 1 adjustable crescent wrench or socket set (to remove bolts)
  • 1 ladder (optional)

Need A Professional?

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