Garage Door Spring Repair

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Most garage doors use a mechanism called a “Torsion Spring” (most common) or an “Extension Spring” (less common) to counter the weight of the door, making it a lot easier for the Door Opener to do its job.

When a Garage Door Spring fails, the door is not properly supported and it may not pull all the way up. It also places a lot of stress on the Door Opener.

Life Expectancy

Most garage door springs are designed to live for 10,000 cycles. So, how frequently you use your garage door will determine how long the spring will survive before needing to be replaced. The chart below will help you understand the expected life of your garage door spring based on your own use:

2 X per day  14 years

4 X per day  7 years

6 X per day  5 years

8 X per day  3 years

When it’s time to replace that broken spring, these How To videos will walk you through the job.

How To Replace A Garage Door Torsion Spring

In the 18 minute video below, DDM Garage Door Services walks us through a detailed & safe procedure to replace a broken Torsion Spring.

Make sure you pay attention to the safety warnings (see for more details).

Finally, there are several different spring setups that might apply to your situation. Check out DDM’s DIY guide for more installation tips.

Warning: Never try to unwind a torsion spring with a screwdriver!

Materials Required

  • safety glasses
  • 2 each 1/2″ winding bars, taped at 1″ from the ends
  • step ladder
  • 2 vice grip pliers
  • set of appropriately-sized open-ended AND socket wrenches
  • file
  • tape measure
  • 3-in-1 oil
  • Light Spray Paint
  • Permanent Marker
  • replacement spring

How To Replace A Garage Door Extension Spring

In 12 minutes, YouDoItStore walks us through the replacement of an Extension Spring and safety cable.

Warning: Never try to work on an extension spring door when the door is down and the spring is under tension!

Materials Required

  • safety glasses
  • work gloves
  • step ladder
  • 2 vice grip pliers
  • ratchet set
  • socket wrenches
  • replacement spring

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