Garage Door Roller Repair

How To Replace A Garage Door Roller

Does your garage door squeak like a mouse in pain? It’s probably caused by a failing garage door roller.

Here are two different methods you can use to silence that pesky rodent.

1. Quick-and-Dirty Method

Here’s a really fast way to replace rollers, courtesy of .

Materials Required

  • replacement rollers
  • 1 vice grip plier
  • 1 large flathead screwdriver (6″ or longer)
  • 1 ladder

2. In-Place Method

DDM Garage Door Services walks us through a different method that takes more time but will protect your door from possible damage.

Materials Required

  • replacement rollers
  • 1 vice grip plier
  • 1 power screwdriver (you will be removing a lot of screws)
  • 1 ladder

Need A Professional?

Hire A Garage Door Specialist Near You

  • repair your garage door
  • replace garage door parts
  • get a fair, fixed-price deal
  • free price quote

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