Garage Door Sensor Repair

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Common Door Sensor Problems

Since 1993, all garage doors sold in the US have used a standard 2-part optical sensor – sometimes called “safety eyes” – to detect whether the door is closed & in place and whether or not something or someone is under the door (for safety reasons).

The sensor’s transmitter (sender) and receiver are located on opposite sides of your garage door, usually near the ground.

They normally look like this:

Garage Door Opener Sensor

If your door won’t close, it is likely that something is either covering one side of the sensor unit or has caused one side or the other to move off-center.

In either case, the light beam cannot travel cleanly and in a straight line from the transmitter to the receiver.

Clean The Safety Eyes

Grime, dirt and spider webs often build up over time and can block the sensor’s transmitter or receiver from functioning.

Inspect the transmitter and receiver eyes and clean them with a clean dry towel if you see any blockage.

Deformed Sensor Mount

Another common problem is a bent, deformed sensor frame on either side of the system. If a frame mount is bent, then the light beam will no longer make it from the transmitter to the receiver.

Sensor mounting brackets are normally made of aluminum and are therefore easily deformed. There are all sorts of things that can put a sensor off-center that you wouldn’t notice or remember. People accidentally kick them, hit them with a ladder, whack them with a tool or bang them with a bike as it exits the garage.

The good news is that sensor mounting brackets are made of soft aluminum, which means they are easy to bend back by hand.

So try that.

Adjust Sensors In The Evening

When checking or adjusting your garage door sensor alignment, do it in the early evening so you can see the indicator lights.

You will need to see the indicators to know if the unit is functioning correctly – the indicator light will blink if not aligned or remain lit if it is aligned.

How To Adjust Garage Door Sensors

This 4-minute video prepared by Precision Garage Doors will walk you through the points above.

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