Garage Door Safety Tips

Here are eight ways you and your family can avoid injury when operating your automatic garage door:

  1. Children should NEVER be allowed to play with your garage door remote control. Discuss garage door safety with them & show them how to operate your garage door in a correct and safe manner.
  2. Test the garage door opener for proper function frequently.  Place a 2″ x 4″ stud across the door path. If the door does not reverse when contacting the object, call a trained garage door repair expert to sort-out your problem.
  3. Place your garage door opener control unit at least 60″ from the garage floor. This will keep it out of the reach of small children.
  4. Your garage door opener has an emergency release feature. Read your owner’s manual and learn how to use it!
  5. Inspect your garage door once a month. Look over the tracks, springs, cables and rollers for signs of wear. Check mounting brackets for signs of cracks or metal fatigue. If damage is evident, contact a local garage door repair expert to inspect and repair the item.
  6. If your door opener fails (mechanically or electrically), use the safety release handle (monkeybar) to separate the door from the opener/cable system. This will make it easy to slide the door on its tracks without risk of injury.
  7. Cables and springs (torsion or extension) are dangerous to work with and may be best left up to expert garage door repair professionals to deal with. Life springs are often under great tension. Either learn how to replace a spring correctly or call a local professional to do it for you.
  8. If your garage door was installed prior to 1993, then consider investing in a modern Sensor to control the door position and to detect when people or objects are underneath the garage door when it is closing.
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