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Roller Hinge Spring
Cable/ Drum Door Opener End Bearing
Door Seal Door Panels Door Chain
Light Sensor Remote Control Wall Station

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common home garage door repairs

Typical Torsion Spring Garage Door System (click to enlarge)

How To Inspect Your Garage Door System (by Lowe’s)

An introduction to maintaining your garage door, produced by Lowe’s.


How To Operate and Maintain Your Garage Door

This great overview was produced by and the International Door Association (IDA).

Common Tools Used In Garage Door Repairs

Most garage door repairs can be accomplished with the following tools:

  • two step ladders are recommended for leveling tasks
  • a  ratchet set
  • full set of screwdrivers (flat head and Phillips head)
  • vice grips
  • a good set of pliers
  • crescent wrench
  • rubber mallet (for dislodging a stuck door)
  • work gloves to protect from pinching
  • safety glasses (you may be looking up a lot)
  • wire cutter/stripper and electrical tape (if electrical work is involved)

NOTE: 2 people should always be used to install, adjust or remove a garage door.

Jobs For Professionals Only

The following garage door repairs are best suited for a local trained professional.

  • complete door installation or replacement
  • electrical failures or shorts
  • repairing fire damage
  • removal of heavy garage doors made of real hardwood, iron, glass, et al
  • enlarging or reducing the size of your garage door – frame and structural work may be required
  • the door is jammed so tightly that two people cannot release it
  • anything you feel uncomfortable tackling yourself

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