Garage Door Panel Replacement

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Accidentally bang your car into your garage door?

Hopefully, you didn’t damage your garage door opener (check that first).

If all you did was crack a door panel – don’t sweat it – it’s easy to replace!

Here’s how:

Buying Replacement Panels

You will want to buy replacement panels from the company that manufactured your garage door.

Every manufacturer fits panels into their doors using a slightly different setup.

Garage door panel replacement

Before You Start

Unplug your door opener before trying to repair your garage door panel.

Next, remove the springs from your garage door in order to take any tension off of it.

You will want the garage door down during this procedure.

Remove The Old Panel(s)

Every garage door panel is attached to two things: to the other door panels (via hinges) and to the guide track (via hinge brackets, which carry the track rollers).

You will need to detach your panel from both of these.

Before trying to remove your panel, you will need to make room for it to be removed.

To do this, either remove the top panel from the door or use a come-a-long to spread the panels apart.

Unscrew the hinges on the damaged panel(s) to remove it from the door.

Install The Replacement Panel

To install a new garage door panel, perform the instructions above in reverse.

First, slide the new panel into the empty slot and attach the hinges and hinge brackets w/ rollers on each side.

Next, slide the top panel back in and re-attach it; or, release the come-a-long to bring the door panels back together.

Finally, open the garage door and reattach the spring.

Re-Finish the Door

Because garage door panels often change appearance due to weathering, replacing a door panel often means that you will have to re-paint or re-finish your garage door (all of it) to make it look right.

So, be prepared for a weekend of painting if you want a beautiful result.

How To Replace A Garage Door Panel

Jacob Swenson of Specialized Garage Doors in Salt Lake City shows us how to replace a garage door panel in this 3-minute video.

Materials Required

  • 2 vice grips
  • impact drill w/ 7/16″ or 3/8″ nut drivers
  • come-a-long (to spread the door panels apart)

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