The Best Garage Door Openers Selling Today

Shopping for a Garage Door Opener?

You’ve come the the right place!

This guide will tell you everything you need to know to select the right garage door opener for your home, to set a reasonable budget for your project, and to hire the right local installer.

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Garage Door Safety Tips

garage door opener

Here are eight ways you and your family can avoid injury when operating your automatic garage door: Read more ›

Garage Door Maintenance: Easy, But Essential

How To Tighten a Garage Door Roller Mount

No one likes to maintain stuff. Especially something you use so much you don’t really think about.  Like a garage door!

But we have to remember that garage doors are mechanical beasts. And all mechanical devices need a bit of TLC to function over the long haul.

The good news: garage door maintenance is really easy and takes very little time – it doesn’t require hiring someone, either.

You can do all of this in a few minutes, twice a year – although a lot of garage door professionals will tell you to check your door for the issues below every 3 months. Read more ›

Types of Garage Doors Explained

Garage Doors come in all flavors. Here’s a quick primer on your choices.

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How To Adjust Your Garage Door Chain

Garage door chain adjustment

The chain drives your door movement, so it’s a vital part of any garage door opener system.

In this short video clip, Jacob Swenson of Specialized Garage Doors in Salt Lake City, Utah, walks us through the process of adjusting your door chain.

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How To Fix A Jammed Garage Door

Sectional Style Garage Door Repair

It’s Monday morning and you’re late for work – again.

You hit the wall switch to lift the door, and then… whirrr, bzzzz… bang! Your garage door is jammed!

Why does it hate you like this?

Well, your garage door doesn’t hate you, but it might feel a bit neglected.

These are the most common reasons why your door just got its jam on.

The good news? almost all of these causes can be fixed, quickly – by you. Read more ›